Accepted Papers
Authors Title
Seth Meyerson, Thomas Drapela, William Whiteside and Walter Potter Finding longest paths in hypercubes: 11 new lower bounds for snakes, coils, and symmetrical coils
Lasheng Yu, Yanying Zeng and Zhaoke Huang Research on an Intelligent Liquid Lamp Inspector Based on Machine Vision
Mohsen Asghari and Somayeh Alizadeh similarity measure by combination of formal concept analysis and Clustering for Case-based reasoning
Nicoletta Dessì and Barbara Pes Stability in Biomarker Discovery: Does Ensemble Feature Selection Really Help?
Chunsheng Yang Particle filter-based approach to estimate remaining useful life for predictive maintenance
Rey-Long Liu Retrieval of Highly Related Biomedical References by Key Passages of Citations
Spencer Polk and John Oommen Novel AI Strategies for Multi-Player Games at Intermediate Board States
Shu Zhang, Malek Mouhoub and Samira Sadaoui Integrating TCP-Nets and CSPs: The Constrained TCP-Net (CTCP-Net) Model
Wen-Juan Hou and Bamfa Ceesay Event Extraction for Gene Regulation Network Using Syntactic and Semantic Approaches
Tomonari Masada and Atsuhiro Takasu Heuristic Pretraining for Topic Models
Mikhail Zarechnev and Bora Kumova Ontology-Based Fuzzy-Syllogistic Reasoning
Montri Inthachot, Veera Boonjing and Sarun Intakosum Predicting SET50 Index Trend using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine
Dilhan Thilakarathne A Neurologically Inspired Model of the Dynamics of Situation Awareness under Biased Perception
Su Gon Cho and Seoung Bum Kim Summarization of Documents by Finding Key Sentences Based on Social Network Analysis
Morten Goodwin, Robin Tollisen, Jon Vegard Jansen and Sondre Glimsdal AIs for Dominion using on Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Wei Chang and Jia-Ling Koh Dynamic Facet Hierarchy Constructing for Browsing Web Search Results Efficiently
Yun Bai, Edward Caprin and Yan Zhang Reasoning about the State Change of Authorization Policies
Bandar Mohammed, Eisa Alanazi and Malek Mouhoub Combining Constrained CP-nets and Quantitative Preferences for Online Shopping
Michaela Geierhos, Frederik S. Bäumer, Sabine Schulze and Valentina Stuß Filtering Reviews by Random Individual Error
Soohwan Song and Chang-Hwan Lee Improving Multi-label Classification of Documents Using Fine-Grained Weights and Modified Co-training
Jun Chin Ang, Habibollah Haron and Haza Nuzly Abdull Hamed Semi-supervised SVM-based Feature Selection for Cancer Classification using Microarray Gene Expression Data
Mahmuda Rahman and Jae C. Oh Fast Online Learning to Recommend a Diverse Set from Big Data
Jeffrey Hudack, Nathaniel Gemelli, Daniel Brown, Steven Loscalzo and Jae Oh Multiobjective Optimization for the Stochastic Physical Search Problem
Shuotao Yang, Hong Yu, Weiwei Deng and He Jiang Mobile Application Recommendations Based on Complex Information
Thanh-Binh Le and Sang-Woon Kim Comparison of Adjusted Methods for Selecting Useful Unlabeled Data for Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms
Maori Ito, Shin’ichi Nakagawa, Kenji Mizuguchi and Takashi Okumura Integration of disease entries across OMIM, Orphanet, and a proprietary knowledge base
Hendry Honk and Rung-Ching Chen Building Browser Extension to Develop Website Personalization Based on Adaptive Hypermedia System
Thomas Andre Lian, Marilex Rea Llave, Morten Goodwin and Nourddine Bouhmala Towards Multilevel Ant Colony Optimisation for the Euclidean Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
Reinier Kop, Armon Toubman, Mark Hogendoorn and Jan Joris Roessingh Evolutionary Dynamic Scripting: Adaptation of Expert Rule Bases for Serious Games
Seema Jehan, Birgit Hofer, Ingo Pill and Franz Wotawa Focused Diagnosis for Failing Software Test
Manuel Fiorelli, Tiziano Lorenzetti, Maria Teresa Pazienza, Armando Stellato and Andrea Turbati Sheet2RDF: a Flexible and Dynamic Spreadsheet Import&Lifting Framework for RDF
Bin Dai, Rung-Ching Chen and Kun-Lin Chen Smart Home Energy Conservation Based on Context Awareness Technology
Teng-Hui Tseng and Chun-Ming Tsai Video Stitching System of Heterogeneity Car Video Recorders
Karin Kandananond The Regulation of Steam Pressure in A Drum Boiler by Neural Network and System Identification Technique
Qinyun Zhu and Jae Oh An Approach to Dominant Resource Fairness in Distributed Environment
Cosse Ronan, Denis Berdjag, Sylvain Piechowiak, Christian Gaurel and David Duvivier Meta-Diagnosis for a Special Class of Cyber-Physical Systems: the Avionics Test Benches
Yangping Li and Tianming Hu Approximate is Enough: Distance-Based Validation for Geospatial Classification
Wojdan Alsaeedan and Mohamed El Bachir Menai A Self-Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for the Word Sense Disambiguation Problem
Mostafa Hussein, Yasser Mohammad and Samia Ali Learning From Demonstration Using Variational Bayesian Inference
Hugo Lewi Hammer, Anis Yazidi and John Oommen A Novel Clustering Algorithm based on a Non--parametric ``Anti--Bayesian'' Paradigm
Thao Nguyen Thieu and Hyungjeong Yang Diagnosis of epilepsy in patients based on the classification of EEG signals using Fast Fourier Transform
Wen-Chieh Fang, Pei-Ching Yang, Meng-Che Hsieh and Jung-Hsien Chiang iDianNao: Recommending Volunteer Opportunities to Older Adults
Takashi Ookaki, Masakazu Abe, Masahiro Yoshino, Yoshimasa Ohmoto and Toyoaki Nishida Synthetic Evidential Study for Deepening Inside Their Heart
Yu-Ting Chiu, Shun-Te Liu, Hsiu-Chuan Huang and Kai-Fung Hong Discovering Potential Victims within Enterprise Network via Link Analysis Method
Marouene Chaieb, Jaber Jemai and Khaled Mellouli Relations framework between sub-problems in a hierarchical optimization problem
Marouene Chaieb, Jaber Jemai and Khaled Mellouli A four-decomposability conditions framework for combinatorial optimization problems
Pekka Naula, Antti Airola, Tapio Salakoski and Tapio Pahikkala Learning Low Cost Multi-Target Models by Enforcing Sparsity
Gil-Sik Park, Dae-Sung Park and Juntae Kim Implementation of A Car Maintenance e-Training System based on Logic Simulation with Jess
Asma Larik and Sajjad Haider Opponent Classification in Robot Soccer
Swee Chuan Tan, Pei San Lau and Xiaowei Yu Finding Similar Time Series in Sales Transaction Data
Jinsoo Park and Seoung Bum Kim Prediction of Package Chip Quality using Fail Bit Count Data of the Probe Test
Osamu Sugiyama, Ryosuke Kojima and Kazuhiro Nakadai Interactive Interface to Optimize Sound Source Localization with HARK
Charissa Ann Ronao and Sung-Bae Cho Mining SQL Queries to Detect Anomalous Database Access using Random Forest and PCA
Papangkorn Pidchayathanakorn and Siriporn Supratid Improving Noisy T1-Weighted MRI Spatial Fuzzy Segmentation Based on a Hybrid of Stationary Wavelet Thresholding and Filtering Preprocess
Ryosuke Kojima, Osamu Sugiyama and Kazuhiro Nakadai Scene understanding based on sound and text information for a cooking support robot
Anis Yazidi, Aleksander Bai, Hugo Lewi Hammer and Paal Engelstad A Simple and Efficient Algorithm for Lexicon Generation Inspired by Structural Balance Theory
Bernt Viggo Matheussen and Ole-Christoffer Granmo Modeling snow dynamics using a Bayesian network
César A. Astudillo and John Oommen Pattern Recognition using the TTOCONROT
Zhiruo Zhao, Kishan Mehrotra and Chilukuri Mohan Ensembling Algorithms for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
Noriaki Yoshiura Implementation of Theorem Prover of Relevant Logic
Claudia García, Yanni Zou and Chunsheng Yang Particle filter-based model fusion for prognostics
In-Chul Jung, M. Alex Syaekhoni and Young S. Kwon A Practical Approach to the Shopping Path Clustering
Yiou Xiao, Kishan Mehrotra and Chilukuri Mohan Efficient Classification of Binary Data Stream with Concept Drifting Using Conjunction Rule based Boolean Classifier
Jerzy Martyna Fuzzy Q-Learning Approach to QoS Provisioning in Two-tier Cognitive Femtocell Networks
Alexander Filonenko, Danilo Cáceres Hernández, Van-Dung Hoang and Kang-Hyun Jo Smoke Detection for Autonomous Vehicles using Laser Range Finder and Camera
Joko Hariyono, Van-Dung Hoang and Kang-Hyun Jo Tracking Failure Detection using Time Reverse Distance Error for Human Tracking
Dhekra Ben Sassi, Anissa Frini and Wahiba Ben Abdessalam Multi-criteria Decision Aid and Artificial Intelligence for Competitive Intelligence
Eren Esgin and Pinar Karagoz Dynamic Scoring-based Sequence Alignment Adaptation for Process Diagnostics
Vladimir Tumanov Evaluation of the rate constants reactions of the phenyl radical with hydrocarbons with use the artificial of neural network
Bonifacio Castano, Sergio Luengo, Stephan Winkler and David Barrero Optimization of Trading Rules for the Spanish Stock Market by Genetic Programming
Gulcin Buyukozkan, Jbid Arsenyan and Yagmur Karabulut RFID Service Provider Selection using An Integrated Fuzzy MCDM Approach

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