Letter for Visa Application
The Letter of Invitation Request
If you require a letter of invitation from IEA/AIE 2015 for your VISA, please send e-mail to [email protected]. In your request e-mail, you should include the following information: Full name, Date of Birth, Gender, Title, Company/University, Full Address, Phone No, E-mail, Passport No, and "scan of your receipt for registration".

Both of the following criteria must be met by the requesting party in order to honor the request for a letter of invitation:
  • Be an author of an accepted paper.
  • Have paid the registration fee in full for this conference.
If you are from a country which requires a VISA Invitation Letter, you will receive the letter after you register. Please make sure to attach the scanned file of registration receipt in your request e-mail. Once we receive the request of letter, the invitation letter will be sent to you by mail.
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[email protected] or Dr. Chang-Hwan Lee, [email protected]